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John McFarland III has lived most of his life east of the Cascade Mountains in the Klamath Basin area of southern Oregon. It was growing up here that he developed a love for the outdoors, and for the beauty of God's creation. As a child he learned to draw and paint pictures, many of which were mule deer in various outdoor scenes. Later his passion turned toward photography, and he has since accumulated many photographs of wildlife from the local area. With the Klamath Basin being the home of several wildlife refuges on both sides of the Oregon-California border, as well as having national and private forest land nearby, there is always someplace interesting to explore.

It is John's belief that God creates the best paintings; living paintings which are in constant motion. Because of this, it takes a blessed and persistant photographer to capture the beauty of the Creator's living paintings at their optimum moment. It's this challenge that makes photography so rewarding. Also, it is to God that John gives thanks for giving him the passion and priviledge of photographing His creation.

Images of John's work has appeared in Oregon Hunter Magazine, Oregon Hunter Calendars, MDF (Mule Deer Foundation), Washington-Oregon Game and Fish, and California Game and Fish Magazines.

Dear Visitor,

I hope my wildlife and outdoor photo galleries brings you both enjoyment, and inspiration. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to contact me at the email address listed below. Thank you all in advance for respecting my copyright.


John C. McFarland III

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